I tried and started using cannabis illegally as I got some from my friends in VA. It really helped with my depression and anxiety which I always had at night. I really love using train wreck as it helps me sleep through the night. I finally decided to get a Medical card to make sure my use of Cannabis is legal. I filled out the application online I meant one thing to get my card after clinic. With the help of Weedandseeds, I can now Order weed online. I would recommend you guys to everyone I know. Thank you Weedandseeds.
Kenneth, Tx
"Thank you so much Weedandseeds. I was very impressed with your Plensant service and professionalism. I am really happy and looking forward to buying buds online and trying cannabis to treat my fibromyalgia pain and will keep you posted for sure. You are the best. I would spread to word to my friends who love to buy weed online to hit you up and get great weed delivered to them."
Brain, KS
"Weedandseeds is just so awesome! I don't nomally appreciate dispensaries this much but I must say this guys are the best. Their staff are always pleasant and helpful. I recommend this place to all of my friends! Keep up the extensive marijuana menu and the good work!"
Chris, IL
"The way your website is setup I sincerely love it. It’s nice to be able to sniff and look at that the beautiful flower at your own leisure and not do some research on the the strain. Your Service was excellent and friendly. I Would definitely come back again!"
Danny, LA
" I Love their labeling and the poteny of the strains. I had just a few grams when I purchased from them and surprisingly It knocked me out :) I honestly will order more OG Skywalker from these guys. I had a blast! Thank you."
James, ND
"Before I decided to buy from a particular dispensary it took a while. I tried so many dispensaries so I could get good quality weed. I got some panic attacks and my friend got dealing with Cancer. The first time I came accros Weedandseeds I was a little hesitant to place my order with them. But when i finally decided to buy from them, I don't regret it till now. They have Great service, Well Educated Staff who can actually help you. They have a wide range of products and their products are available and what makes them awesome is the fast delivery time. I love these guys. Keep it up Weedandseeds."
Aron, GA
"During my free time, I enjoy loking at thier buds. Their prices are really good and very competitive. Made lots of purchases from them and got a Membership. So now I get 20% discount on any bud I order. How cool is that! Plus sometimes I get a free pre-rolled joints offer it's just awesome!!”
Zane, IN
"I have so many different experiences with lots Marijuana website. Weedandseeds is my #1. They are just the best! I spoke with their staff a couple of times and the guy was so helpful. What I love about them the monsy is the Super fast delivery. When they say 24 Hours, Dude I got my order on time. It was amazing! I had no problems or delays at all. Kudos to you guys!"
Williams, TN
“This is one of the best store I and my wife ever purchased from since we move from OH to KY. FOr me thier staff is extremely friend and would go far lengths to make sure you get what you want. They were very nice! Great place for people who are just starting out smoking and need that help with the staff. They keep me going with thier amazing prices. I won't buy weed nowhere else! I always come back, every day day. See y’all soon. Thank you Weedandseeds”
Everest, SC
"Weedandseeds sincerely love for their customers and patients! Good strains and great prices!”
Nicole, Tx
“This is definitely my #1 Weed store in the USA to buy quality buds! They got great specials all the time and their staffs are super friendly, knowledgeable and also their set up is awesome. I would definitely order with them every time I need some cool stuff!"
Brenda, MS
I ordered last week and never received my product. Just texts from someone who took all of my money and ran. I'm done and I will report your site because you have false information. Thanks for nothing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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