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Do you need some cannabis seeds for sale? Do you want to grow some seeds? If Yes, then you are at the right cannabis seeds shop!

Before ordering for weed seeds online, choosing the right source is the most important decision a grower can make. In addition to that, good growing conditions are very essential. The genetic composition of the seed is paramount behind a plant reaching its full potential, whether it’s grown indoor or outdoor. The genes found in carefully bred cannabis seeds are the key to a successful growth. At Weedandseeds-USA, we maintain an extensive and unique collection of cannabis genotypes. This helps us to have the very best of seeds whether regular, feminized or auto-flowering.

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(Few Things to need to know about Cannabis Seeds)

– First of all, there is no visible difference between the different kinds be it regular, feminized, or auto flowering.  Cannabis seeds, indica or sativa seeds, and seeds for growing industrial hemp. To be 100% sure of its  authenticity, it is adviceable to buy from a regular Marijuana seed bank.

– Most marijuana seeds are around the size of a match-head, but can vary by variety from not much larger than a tomato seed to as big as a small pea. This is not an indication of the size or health of the cannabis  plant that will grow from it. Often – but not always – the seeds of sativa plants are smaller than those of  indica types.

– Marijuana seeds contain a near-perfect balance of the essential fatty acids Omega 3, 6 and 9. These are  vital to human health and cannot be produced by the body. It is better to eat seeds of hemp rather than  cannabis as the former are a lot cheaper, and there is no difference in the EFA content – just the THC  content of the plants they produce.

– A single plant can yield hundreds and even over 1000 seeds depending on its size and the efficiency of  pollination during flowering. Some hemp strains are bred to enhance this production in cases where seeds are  the primary crop.

– The most adequate temperature to store your seeds is 5 – 7 degrees centigrade, which is usually the  temperature of the door in a domestic refrigerator, handily enough. Seeds have to be kept perfectly dry to  avoid both mould and premature germination.

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