White widow feminized

White widow feminized

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Flowering time after (days): 50-55 days
Height in cm: 100-130 cm
Yield: 125 gr./m2
Type: Feminized seeds
Yield XXL Yield
Climat Temperature / Continental
Height Average height gain
THC: 17% +
Flowering time Average flowering period
Sativa / Indica Indica Hybrid
Number of seeds 5

White Widow is one of the most popular kinds available and belongs to the white types of cannabis plants.
Indica and Sativa influences can be seen when growing because she doesn’t get too tall but the leaves have a thick texture while long thin leaves that have a healthy medium dark green colour.
Be careful with the side branches because most are fragile.
In its flowering period the white layer of crystals will appear that promises growers the desired effects and the buds grow full and dense, as we call it the “fluffy” look.
While growing the odour of tasty pine and spices enter your nostrils and the smoke she gives when being consumed is also sweet and spicy.
The effect you get from smoking the buds is a heavy high buzz that lingers on smoothly.
Only the first half hour will keep you in a couch-lock but then the energetic high can take over.

White Widow feminized seeds produce one of the strongest strains of weeds in the world, which have won several awards, and built the reputation of being among the most powerful strains… They are a great hit in almost all coffee shops across the world. It is a potent hybrid sharing its genetics with Brazilian and an Indian strain.


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